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How To Repel Squirrels From Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Sep 2017

In September, homeowners may notice a rise in the squirrel population; and while it may sound nuts, there is a season for squirrel mating. 

The first litter that they have is born between the months of February and April, and the second litter that they have happens between the months of August and September. Pregnancy in female squirrels is only six weeks long; and once the male has mated with the female, he is done caring for the babies. A typical squirrel litter can range from 1-7 offspring - typically 5 to 6. 

Squirrels will begin to appear on landscapes in September in the early morning daylight hours. Although they enjoy nibbling on acorns,hazelnuts, and pine nuts they will not shy away from fruit and vegetable gardens. This is why gardeners need to keep watch on their gardens this fall as they begin to plant cool-weather crops. This season, greedy, hungry squirrels will enter gardens to feast on carrots, apples, squash and corn. If they can find strawberries and grapes, they will go for those, too. They will hang around bird feeders and take eggs from birds' nests. 

Squirrels may damage gardens and dig holes in lawns. They are known to climb and strip sycamore trees and maple trees in addition to chewing on wooden decks and furniture. Fencing out squirrels, squirrel repellents and animal cages are most effective for when homeowners want to know how to get rid of squirrels in the garden. 

Rodent Fence is the most effective method for repelling squirrels from lawns and gardens. Using a chew-proof fence, such as Deerbusters Steel Hex Web or Welded Wire Fencing, will keep out rabbits, squirrels and other garden pests. For homeowners who are having trouble with deer and squirrels, they can install a poly deer fence with a reinforced bottom edge to stop digging at the bottom of the fence. 

All eyes are on the Eastern gray squirrel this autumn. Keep gardens protected from squirrel invasions this fall keeping these garden tips in-mind.

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