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How to Use a Hog Ring Tool

How to Use a Hog Ring Tool

Posted by Deerbusters on 5th May 2014

Securing the tension wire of your deer fence with hog rings can be a tedious job, but a hog ring tool can make it a lot easier and a lot less time-consuming. Here’s how to use the tool:

When you attach hog rings to your fence, you want them to be strong enough to secure your fence to its wire and last for years. With a hog ring tool, you can bend each galvanized steel ring around the fence and the wire to easily connect the two. Our hog ring tools from DeerBusters are compatible with 9/16-inch hog rings and work like pliers to bend the ring around the fence. If you’re doing a small installation or a home fence, the Hog-Ringer tool works well. If you’re doing a larger or commercial installation, however, we recommend the Ring-It tool.

Both let you load a strip of hog rings into a rail on the tool and then squeeze the handle to feed a ring into the teeth of the tool. You can then place the teeth around the deer fence and tension wire and squeeze down. When you squeeze down the hog ring will close around the fence into a tight ring. You can do this with pliers, however, we don’t recommend you trying to use pliers with our 9/16-inch hog rings. These rings are very small with pointed ends and if handled improperly, they could hurt you.

Hog Ring Tips

Hog rings should be used every three feet on your deer fence. They can be used to secure your fence to our monofilament wire and can be used to attach our small animal control fencing bottom to the bottom of your deer fence. With all of our hog rings, we recommend a hog ring tool to make the job easier and faster. You also won’t have to worry about over-crimping your rings, as the hog ring tools stop crimping them right after they overlap and close.

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