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Idaho Scope Out Deer with Doppler Radar Technology

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Mar 2016

Boundary County, ID: The Idaho Transportation Department has set-up Doppler Radar systems in high-traffic areas to locate deer and big game animals. The radar system being used in Idaho is connected to flashing warning lights that alert motorists to slow down if deer or big game animals are near the road within the radar’s range. (Click the link to view a sample video of the Doppler Radar system.)

The transportation department said animal-vehicle collisions cost the state approximately $20 million in 2015. The hope is that motorists will have plenty of time to react to the warning signs and slow down, avoiding motorist-deer collisions. Highway underpasses are also popular in Idaho which help animals cross the road away from traffic.

“It’s another tool in the toolbox,” said Reed Hollinshead, ITD public information specialist. “There is no guarantee that this system will be used, but it’s another tool we are investigating. We understand that vehicle-wildlife conflicts are definitely a concern, particularly in a rural state like ours.”

For extra protection, motorists can put attach a Deer and Animal Warning Whistle on their vehicle to reduce the chances of expensive, and even fatal, accidents. While the Radar System in Idaho alerts drivers of deer firsthand, the air-activated sound of the deer whistle lets animals know that motor vehicles are near so they do not make sudden movements.

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