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National Train Your Dog Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Jan 2018

Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? Find out during National Train Your Dog Month. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers designates that January is the time of the month to start fresh with dog training. There are many reasons why to train dogs including: 

Training For New Dogs

New dogs are just like newborn babies - they need nourishment, care and support. Newly adopted puppies will need to explore their surroundings; and the backyard is just the place to do it. The backyard is where dogs will most likely spend the majority of their time. Consider fencing for dogs to add security in the yard for your new pup.

Training Dogs Basic Commands

Dog training is necessary to animal growth and development.The sooner dogs learn basic commands such as "sit," "heel," and "no," the wiser the dog will be. Dogs that learn these skills early-on in age will continue to use them as they get older. 

Training Dogs For Exercise

Dog training is not just good for the mind, but is good for the body. Dogs that are moving around are utilizing and strengthening their muscles and are keeping lean. These dogs will lower the chance of cardiovascular diseases as they age. The lesson? Keep your dog active and engaged!

Dog training can be done at home or through a professional dog trainer. Find dog trainers in your area for help training your new dog. Got more tips? Follow the conversation on Deerbusters' Facebook page using hashtag #TrainYourDogMonth2018.

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