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Pest Management Techniques To Use This Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Dec 2016

You remember the termite problems from Summer? Well, that was nothing compared to what can occur in the wintertime. Don't think just because it's cold outside, rodents will flee from your home; because in fact, they will gravitate toward the inside to seek warmth and shelter. Along with insect infestations, your home may see an influx of garden pests including rats, mice and raccoons. You can keep them out in the cold with these tips:

1) Live Animal Traps

Animal traps are great for homeowners that don't want to go to extreme, lethal measures to rid small critters from their lawns and gardens. An animal trap can be used to catch rabbits, skunks, groundhogs, squirrels or other garden pests without harming them.

2) Create a Barrier Around Your Home

Deerbusters advises homeowners to seal any cracks or holes in the outside of your home - this includes siding, drywall or any material that creates a flush surface. By creating this barrier, mice and rats will not be able to break free into your attic or kitchen to nibble on your food or home goods. If trees are near your home, trim the branches so termites do not crawl from the ground up [into your home].

3) Keep Your Home Clean

Always. Leaving food out invites rodents and termites into the home to feast upon your leftovers. Pick up fallen crumbs and clean up spills, as ants are attracted to sugary substances. Do not leave dishes in the sink for long and toss pet food that hasn't been consumed. Store leftovers in sealed containers and put away in the fridge or pantry.

Ant traps are easy to handle, if you have an ant infestation; and you can always invest in insect control methods, such as insect sprays, if necessary.

4) Plant Away From the Home

If you have the space, keep your garden area as far from the home as possible. Your garden will distract rodents from entering your home; but it will also encourage them to explore your flowerbed. Keep deer and rodents at bay with a protective deer fence and repellents. If deer aren't your problem, consider rodent fencing with added protection at the bottom of the fence line to discourage digging critters.

Keep the contact information of a licensed pest management professional on-hand; and contact them if a serious pest problem occurs in your home. With these tips, you should be sending rodents running away from your home and not in it.

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