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How to Identify a Tick Bite

6th Oct 2020

The easiest way to tell if you’ve been bitten by a tick is if the tick is still embedded in your skin. However, it is possible to be bitten by a tick and be unaware of it until it after it detaches. W … read more

Can Ticks Swim?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Jul 2019

Ticks are found throughout North America in grassy and wooded areas. While we know that ticks cannot jump or fly, we have to ask can ticks swim? Ticks cannot swim. Their bodies are not built well en … read more

Tick Watch Underway In Pennsylvania

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Mar 2019

Ticks are being collected in every county in Pennsylvania in a 5-year surveillance program announced Thursday by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.According to DEP, the environme … read more

Warm Weather Draws Concerns For Ticks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Feb 2019

Traditionally, tick season begins in March as the weather cruises above freezing. Being that the climate is still on the cooler side, ticks are hiding underneath logs, leaves and fur of animals for in … read more

Tick Diseases Soar To Record High In U.S.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Nov 2018

The number of infections carried by ticks has hit a record high in the United States, according to a new report. Nearly 60,000 people were diagnosed with a tickborne infection, mostly Lyme diseas … read more

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