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Dr. Deer: Deer Eating Peas Study 2020

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Jul 2020

White-tailed deer will not turn their noses away from many crops; and peas are no different. Dr. James Kroll, affectionately referred to as Dr. Deer, allows deer to enter into his Deerbusters … read more

Autumn Deer Eating Habits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Sep 2019

Deer had a bounty of foods to eat from home gardens in the summer months; but now that fall is here, they are persistent to eat as much as possible before winter. In the upcoming months, homeowners wi … read more

Deer Eating Habits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Nov 2018

Deer love to eat; farmers and gardeners would even suggest that they live to eat! How much do deer eat?The average deer eats 6-8 pounds of food each day from grassy and forest areas. They ca … read more

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