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Do Deer Climb?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

White-tailed deer are beautiful and graceful creatures. They can jump over 10 feet high with a running start; but when it comes to climbing, they tend to lack the skills and cognitive judgment to avoid getting hurt. 

Deer's eyesight in the daytime is 20/100 - quite poor; which is why they choose to avoid slopes and areas where they cannot see the other side well enough to make a decision. Because of poor deer vision, gardeners with potted plants should consider hoisting plants on decks or porches to avoid deer damage; and when it comes to full garden fence systems, it's best to add deer warning flags to alert whitetails that a structure is in front of them. 

Deer may not be climbers; but they are jumpers. Their daytime vision gets blurry after 7 feet high; therefore, a 7.5 to 8' high deer fence is best to keep away Bambi and friends from plants in growing sites. 

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