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Can Deer See the Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Deer are one of those pesky animals that love eating our gardens. It seems that it doesn't matter what is growing in the garden, whitetails are there to taste-test. When gardeners have had enough of deer damage, they install deer fencing. The deer fence system seems to work fine until one day, the unthinkable happens: there is a rip in the fence mesh. What happened?

Deer have trouble seeing the color black; and for deer fence mesh that is black in color, there is one fence accessory that helps deer see better. 

White deer flags, also called warning banners, are added to the middle section of deer fences to help deer see that a structure is present before they run into the fence. After all, deer have horrible daytime vision - there eyesight is only 20/100 in the daylight, in fact. Deer fence warning flags are white in color to symbolize a deer's tail - hoisted upward meaning "danger."

Learn why it is important to add warning banners to deer fence.

What We Know About Deer Eyesight

Although deer have phenomenal sense of hearing, their sense of sight isn't the best. To put it bluntly, if they were humans, they would need to wear glasses. Deer eyes are shaped larger than most mammals; however the position of the eye does not allow for much focal movement. For humans, our eyes allow us to [...]

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