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Do Deer Climb?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Aug 2020

White-tailed deer are beautiful and graceful creatures. They can jump over 10 feet high with a running start; but when it comes to climbing, they tend to lack the skills and cognitive judgment to avoi … read more

Can Deer See the Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Jan 2020

Deer are one of those pesky animals that love eating our gardens. It seems that it doesn't matter what is growing in the garden, whitetails are there to taste-test. When gardeners have had enough o … read more

What We Know About Deer Eyesight

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Aug 2016

Although deer have phenomenal sense of hearing, their sense of sight isn't the best. To put it bluntly, if they were humans, they would need to wear glasses. Deer eyes are shaped larger than most … read more

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