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Best Fence For Deer Farmers

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Deer farmers need a strong fence to secure whitetails on the farm; and some types of fence may not be appropriate for protection on deer farms.

Because of the high deer pressure on farms, deer can potentially break down poly deer fence quicker than a metal fence. Most deer farmers do not turn to chicken fencing (hexagonal shaped fence) or welded wire; but instead choose a woven wire fence. 

Woven wire, also known as Solid Lock or Fixed Knot Fence, is the strongest type of metal fence on the market and is best used to secure deer on deer farms, cattle and other live stock animals. 

Wisconsin DNR Board Approves Deer Farm Changes

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The state Department of Natural Resources’ board has unanimously approved an emergency rule that requires deer farms to strengthen their fences as part of an attempt to slow the spread of chronic wasting disease.The rule calls for deer farms that have had a CWD infection to install a second fence or [...]

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More Chronic Wasting Disease Cases In Arkansas

Three more cases of Chronic Wasting Disease were announced in Arkansas. The deer disease has spread to 10 counties in Arkansas since 2016 including other parts of the country. Deer Farmers must test deer for Chronic Wasting Disease; and quarantine deer farms, if white-tailed deer are found infected by CWD.  Infected deer must be separated from [...]

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