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Why Build Deer Fence In the Fall

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

While the growing season may come to an abrupt halt in the winter season, the fall season is still bustling with activity as growers tend to gardens full of leafy greens, squashes and onions. But, homeowners aren't the only ones enjoying the bounty. White-tailed deer stay close to homes in the fall season to enjoy their last meal before returning to twigs and leaves.

In the winter, deer will scout for food in gardens during the early morning hours and late evening to avoid harsh winds and frigid temperatures. They tend to be on a time crunch as they have less sunlight during this time period, as well. Because natural resources will be scarce in the winter, white-tailed deer will eat as much as they can in the fall season. 

This is why deer fencing is a must in the fall.

For growers, this may be their last gardening session of the year; and for the deer, this could be their last splurge. 

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