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Hexa-Gone VS Steel Hex Web Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Customers shopping around for metal deer fence may stumble on Steel Hex Web Fence - a 20 gauge steel fence with PVC-coating that is used for deer, rabbit, groundhog and even coyote control in gardens. But, then the question looms: what is the difference between the original Steel Hex Web and Hexa-gone Fence?

Hexa-gone is the stronger big brother of Steel Hex Web Fencing. It is still virtually invisible from 20 feet away and contains 1" x 1" mesh holes; however it contains a 1250 breaking strength and is made from hot dipped galvanized- Class 3 coating that will prevent rusting for up to 30 years!

While Steel Hex Web is available in multiple sizes, Hexa-gone only comes in 7.5' x 100' rolls at this time.

Product Announcement: HEXA-GONE™Steel Hex Web Fence

Steel Hex Web has always been Deerbusters' bestselling metal deer fence; and it's no wonder why: it's chew-proof, virtually invisible, and long lasting, thanks to the PVC-coating. Now, Deerbusters is proud to introduce an improved Steel Hex Web Fence, affectionately referred to as HEXA-GONE™. This steel fence is only available in 7.5' x 100' at this time; [...]

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