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Prime Season For Deer Damage In Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Deer are the most complained about wild animal from home gardeners; and the eating frenzy never seems to end with them - that is because, it doesn't. 

In the winter, natural resources are scarce, and they have to rely on what they find [left] in home gardens or in the woods. Therefore, they tend to eat the bark off trees; leaves on the ground and twigs. However, in the spring and summer months when plants are abundant is when growers will start to see a rise in deer movement; browsing and damage to home gardens only to slow down slightly in fall. 

Deer damage is a year-round problem that requires a year-round solution. The best deer management approach home growers can take to reduce the sight of whitetails on their properties is to install deer fencing around plants. In addition to plant protection, deer fence serves to re-route deer migration paths. The use of a deer fence will also minimize the spread of deer ticks and risk of tick-borne infections such as Lyme Disease. 

Deer damage increases in the spring season. So, what are you waiting for? Start building a deer fence!

Tick Movement In Winter

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Who First Spread Lyme Disease?

It's easy enough for us to point the finger at the white-tailed deer; but history shows that deer herds are not responsible for the spread of ticks and Lyme Disease. The white-footed mouse carries the Lyme Disease bacterium; and it is suggested that the mice spread this popular vector disease from ticks over to birds. Birds, being [...]

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Fall Time To Build a Deer Fence

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