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How To Stake Down Deer Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

White-tailed deer are creatures of habit; and if they have approached home gardens once before, chances are they will come back again. The poor daytime eyesight on deer will halt them from jumping into growing first. Before a jumping attempt is made, they will try to find easier access by sneaking underneath fences. If fences are not staked down with ground stakes, then growing sites risk seeing deer damage.


There are two types of ground stakes; and the type chosen will depend on the landowner's soil. For smooth soil, a kinked ground stake can be used; but for rocky soil, consider a rebar ground stake. These are typically a foot in length.

Installer tip: Hammer-in one ground stake every five feet along the fence for best results. The ground stakes can be placed inside or outside of the fence line.

Ground stakes are easy to install and are recommended to keep deer away from growing sites.

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