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What Makes a Responsible Pet Owner?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Feb 2020

Bringing a pet home from the humane society is a huge responsibility that requires a 10+ year commitment. New pet owners learned how to train pets during January's Train Your Dog Month; and now they w … read more

It's Responsible Pet Ownership Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Feb 2019

Pet ownership is a full-time job that requires full-time love, commitment and patience. Bringing home a dog from the local animal shelter can be as overwhelming as bringing home a newborn baby. Here a … read more

How To Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Feb 2018

February marks Responsible Pet Ownership Month, a time for pet owners to spend extra time with their pets. If you are wondering how to be a responsible pet owner, you must do the following:ID Pet … read more

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