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How To Have a Deer-Proof Summer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Jun 2017

Let's face it, summertime brings a smile to everyone's faces. Since the kids are out of school, parents can play with them outside; and adults and kids both can enjoy gardening, hiking, and getting so … read more

Child Temporarily Paralyzed After Tick Bite

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd May 2017

Published Originally On May 19, 2017 By Fox NewsA mother in Oregon shared an alarming video of her young daughter struggling to stand after she was unknowingly bit by a tick, and the footage has s … read more

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st May 2017

Lyme Disease Awareness Month is an observance month in May that raises funds for research of Lyme, educational opportunities and organized events. May is the heart of tick season; and it's importa … read more

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