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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Nov 2019

Here are 12 safety tips to insure your pets enjoy a healthy and safe holiday:Candles burn: Curiosity can kill a cat. Knocking over a shiny candle could start a fire, not to mention that the pet’s f … read more

Pet-Friendly Gardening At Home

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Nov 2019

Generally, when we think about gardening, we think about what fruits and vegetables we like to eat. Make sense, right? However, we need to think beyond what is delicious and what looks good on our lan … read more

Toxic [Deer Resistant] Plants To Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Mar 2019

Gardeners are ready to dig their tools into the ground now that spring is just a week away. For home gardeners looking to keep deer away from plants in spring, they decide to grow deer resistant fl … read more

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