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When To Grow Trees?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

When thinking about plants to grow, we may forget trees. More often than not, we may think they just came naturally from Mother Nature - or perhaps a higher being. Nevertheless, tree growers are proud of the lovely greens they create. Gardeners interested in the hobby may be wondering when is the best time to grow trees and how to maintain them. 

Ideally, trees are planted during the dormant season – in the fall after leaf drop or in early spring before bud-break. Expert tree growers will agree that August, September and October are good months to begin planting trees. Weather conditions are cool and allow plants to establish roots in the new location before spring rains and summer heat stimulate new top growth.

Tree Care Maintenance

Trees will require attention like other types of plants; and they will need to stay protected from wildlife such as deer and small critters. In the fall to early winter, adding 1-2 inches of mulch will insulate the soil and tree roots dealing with harsh winter temperatures. Watering tree trunks before the ground freezes is a must, too. 

In the fall months, deer will rub their antlers against tree bark to remove dried velvet in preparation for breeding season; and rabbits and other small critters will eat tree bark as their food source throughout the year. To protect trees from wildlife damage, tree growers should consider using tree guards around the base of young trees. As trees mature, deer fencing around tree farms may be required.

Rabbit Management In Winter

Often, growers think that just because it's wintertime that agricultural damage from deer and small critters won't happen; but we forget that all types of wildlife need to eat, too. For white-tailed deer, they will eat tree bark or fallen leaves and wait for the 'good stuff' in the spring (gardeners' freshly planted vegetables, flowers, [...]

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Forest Management Plan: Use Deer Fencing

As a forestry professional, you care about tree and soil health restoration and management. Not only are wildfires a concern, but pest disease and deer damage. To reduce the risk of deer and rodent damage in forests, Deerbusters suggests using deer fencing and tree guards.Deer have a bad habit of eating tree bark and rubbing [...]

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