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Prepare Gardens For Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

The winter weather may be challenging for some home gardeners; but there is still plenty of gardening work that needs to be done (and plenty to grow!). Gardeners will need to perform these gardening tasks this winter to prepare for spring:

  1. Limit fertilization as you prepare for winter
  2. Continue watering to provide trees and plants with ample moisture to get them through dry winters
  3. Pull all weeds
  4. Be sure to spread new mulch
  5. After first frost, get rid of any dead flowers
  6. Dig up tender bulbs like dahlias and gladiolus and store in a cool, dark place

Since deer mating season just ended, and coyote breeding season just began, it's recommended that gardeners consider wildlife management strategies before the first day of spring. Wildlife fencing is affordable and easy to install and guaranteed to reduce the amount of wild animals on lawns and gardens. 

Prepare For Winter Gardening

It's hard to believe that fall is practically over; and as such, gardeners are preparing to grow plants in winter. Before digging up holes, it's best to read these tips to prepare for winter gardening: Clean up rotting plants after first frostCollect leaves and keep a clear lawnRemove invasive weeds that may have taken hold over [...]

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