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The Best Accessories for Your Deer Fence

21st Jan 2015

deer fence accessories

At Deer Busters, we know that our award-winning poly deer fencing is enough to keep pesky deer and other animals out of your yard, but we believe there’s always a way to make it better – with accessories! We carry an array of deer fencing accessories to help you customize your fence and add a little extra strength or protection.

Drive Caps and Post Drivers

If you’re installing a heavy line post using our ground sleeve system, you’re going to need a drive cap to safely pound the sleeve into the ground. We have drive caps available for 1 3/8″ posts and 1 5/8″ posts. We also have a spring-loaded post driver and a gas-powered post driver to make your post installation much easier.

Ground Stakes

When it comes to ground stakes, we have kinked ground stakes and rebar ground stakes available. These ground stakes will help keep your deer fencing in place and make installation smoother.

Self-Locking Ties

Use our self-locking ties (available in 8″ and 14″) to make sure your monofilament wire is secure. Once you feed your wire through your connection sleeve, around the post, and back through your connection sleeve, criss-cross our ties around the wire to hold it in place.

Deer Fence Tensioning

To keep your deer fence taut and strong, we recommend using tension wire (such as our monofilament wire in 8-gauge or 12-gauge) in between your posts. We also offer steel core tensioning wire, which is the highest strength wire available. It comes in 333′, 666′, 1000′, and 3000′ orders. To make your installation easier, we offer tensioning kits and tools like the Hog Ringer to attach your fencing to your tension wire.

Replacement Parts

If you’re looking for a new post, post caps, drop rods, anchors, extenders, or ground sleeves, we carry replacement parts in varieties.

Chew-Proof Rodent Fence

While deer probably won’t try to chew through your fencing, other animals (like rodents) may. That’s why we carry our chew-proof rodent fence. Simply attach it to the bottom of your deer fencing and you’ll have an easy way to keep gnawing critters out of your yard.

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