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There Goes the Rabbit…

Posted by Deerbusters on 29th Apr 2014

Jackrabbits can munch on garden shrubs but survive with very little water. That means they can hang out around your garden for days and keep coming back to your favorite ornamental plants, eventually stripping them of their foliage. Cottontails also love many ornamentals and turf, but they’re also really fond of the beans, beets, carrots and peas you were planning to harvest soon.

If you’ve already got deer fencing up, you may be surprised to come outside and find that some critter has been in your vegetable garden. They didn’t go over the fence, so that means…yep, rabbits can crawl under or chew through some deer fencing. So you might need a chew-proof barrier to protect certain plants from rabbits or as an added barrier to deer fencing to keep bunnies from breaking through to your entire lawn and garden.

Barrier Features

Ideal for keeping rabbits and rodents out of your garden

Although rabbits can chew through most of your plants and many attempt at barriers, they can’t chew through 20-gauge galvanized steel. In a hexagonal mesh pattern, two-foot or three-foot animal control netting comes in 150-foot lengths. If you’ve already got deer fencing in place, simply attach the wire chew-proof fencing to the taller deer fencing using hog rings.

And there’s an added bonus. The lazy dogs who haven’t chased off the rabbits also can’t dig under the fencing and get into your garden to trample your flowers and vegetables.

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