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Top 5 National Parks In the United States

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Aug 2017

With picturesque landscape and majestic wildlife animals, it's no wonder why tourists flock to our U.S. national parks on vacation. Our national parks help local economies thrive and are refuge to animals that are upon extinction. I have been fortunate enough to see many of these national parks; but if you haven't explored one just yet, I encourage you to do so. Here are the top 5 national parks to visit, according to Nat Geo Travel:

1. Great Smokey Mountains

The Smokey Mountains, or Smokies, brought-in over 11 million tourists last year; and is the second most popular park with over 800 miles of hiking trails from North Carolina to Tennessee. (Can you guess the best national park?).

2. Grand Canyon

The view of the Grand Canyon will make your jaw drop. Over 6 million people visited the Canyons last year to spot over 18 miles of open valley- although the Grand Canyon is home to 277 miles of land.

3. Yosemite

Yosemite National Park, in California, is home to 749,000 acres of gorgeous mountains and rock formations. The park brought over 5,000 visitors last year and over 70,000 hikers in 2016.

4. Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado, contains 150 lakes and 450 miles of streams and wetlands. The pine forests make this park a beautiful landmark.

5. Yellowstone

Yellowstone state mark covers land around Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Last year, Yellowstone National Park brought in over 4 million visitors who were most likely scoping out the bison, bears, sheep, moose and wolves around the forest.

This National #Parks Month, Deerbusters encourages vacationers to visit these national parks and many more than weren't named. Not only are national parks affordable to visit, but they are convenient for many residents and non-residents. Parks are educational and are good for your health. You are allowed to bring trail snacks into the park; but if you plan to make a fire, be sure to check with a park ranger about fire bans in the park.

Explore our nation's national parks this summer!

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