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What To Grow In January

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Jan 2018

What Can I Grow In Winter?

Gardeners, there are plenty of fresh vegetables to grow in January despite the cold temperatures. Here are the top 5 vegetables to grow in winter:


Begin planting them in Autumn for winter eating. Although it will take about two years until growers can cut them, it is worth the wait for a bountiful supply of asparagus plants. 


Plant pea pods in winter for springtime consumption. Plant one inch deep and relatively close together. Even sugar-snap peas can be grown now for the new year.


Garlic is the easiest crop to grow; and it smells delicious! Garlic cloves should be planted 12 inches apart from each other and 2.5 inches deep in the ground.


There's a reason they are called "spring onions." Plant types of onions now for springtime feasting in your favorite salads and use them on nabobs in the summer! 


Popeye's favorite vegetable, spinach leaves can be grown now until October. Enjoy in salads, on sandwiches or in a pie.

When you think of January gardening, think of vegetables that are green. Other vegetables that can be planted now include: green beans, broccoli, collards, and lettuce. 

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