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White Moose Spotted In Sweden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Aug 2017

Hans Nilsson has spent over three years trying to spot the rare, white moose in Eda, Sweden. Last week, he got lucky when he saw the figure appear by a stream. This is the second moose sighting in Sweden this summer. A moose was photographed in Munkeda, Sweden earlier in the summertime in a garden that belonged to Ms.Jessica Hemlin.

Sweden has approximately 400,000 moose - about 100 of them are white. The reason the moose are white is not from albinism; and they moose do not have reddish, or pinkish, colored eyes.

"Moose with bright white fur more commonly obtain this feature from a recessive gene that causes the animal to grow white with specks of brown—a condition referred to as piebald." (Na Geo, Why This Swedish Moose Is Entirely White)

The rare moose probably don't appreciate their rare coloring because moose are colorblind; so, we will have to do it for them.

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