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Who Gets Lyme Disease From Eating Deer?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Nov 2016

Can you get Lyme Disease from deer meat?

It is a known fact that some deer ticks carry Lyme Disease; and if you are a hunter, (or just an enthusiast of eating deer meat) you may be wondering what will happen to your body if you eat deer meat from an infected deer.

Nothing will happen to you if you eat deer meat "with Lyme Disease." Here's why: A tick carrying Lyme Disease will only pass on the bacteria while feeding on a deer. The Lyme Disease bacterium will not survive long after the deer dies. Unless a human has an open wound, it is highly unlikely that Lyme Disease will enter inside your body.
Cooking "infected" deer meat will also kill any bacteria.

That's the good news, folks! Although it is unlikely that you will get Lyme Disease by eating the infected deer meat, it is still possible to get Lyme if you have an attacked deer tick on your skin for up to 48 hours. This is why Deerbusters strongly suggests installing deer fence around your property and garden.

Per the National Center for Biological Information, a division of the National Institute of Health, the use of deer fencing has been proven to reduce the risk of Lyme disease by 83-97%. Without deer entering the area surrounding your home, new deer ticks become limited and eventually, existing deer ticks become scarce.

Consider deer fencing to protect your family from the risk and spread of Lyme Disease. Contact Deerbusters with any questions.

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