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Why Pet Owners Should Adopt a Shelter Cat

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Jun 2017

Being that June is National Adopt a Cat Month, it's only fitting that we spread the word about the joy of cats as pets. Cats can make wonderful pets; and if adopted from a cat rescue or cat shelter, these domestic animals can be generally less expensive than from a general breeder. Here are other reasons why you should consider cat adoption:

1) Shelter cats are ready to find that purrfect home. About 71 percent of homeless cats end up in cat shelters; and they are rarely reunited with their original owners. This is why we suggest adopting cats from a No-kill animal shelter.

2) Cats are independent: You can go away on trips, leaving them with food, a clean litter box, and toys and be ready to go!

3)  You can play with the domestic pet inside or outside. I'm not just talking about a laser pointer, folks. Give them a ball of yarn, or let them socialize with other animals outside in a cat outdoor enclosure. Deerbusters recommends the Kitty Corral Cat Fence.

4) You'll save a life: There are approximately 70 million homeless cats in America; and you can control the cat population by adopting while getting them off the streets. (They really don't have nine lives; and they can't afford to get hit by a car.)

Before visiting your local animal shelter, ask yourself if you are financially and emotionally prepared to take on the responsibility of cat ownership. While these felines receive the title of "Miss Independence," you will still need to make sure they receive the basics: love, affection, nutritious food, water and toys. You will need to pet-proof your house and pick-up anything that can be choked on or swallowed by the cat. Regular vet visits are a must as well as grooming pets.

If this all sounds good to you then congratulations, you are ready to adopt a cat this cat adoption month.

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