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Why Use a Trail Camera?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Dec 2017

Veteran gardeners have many growing stories to share with beginning growers about successes and failures in the field. Although stories may vary in detail, one common denominator remains the same: wildlife destroy flowerbeds and organic gardens. 

Although deer may appear to be cute, cuddly and even innocent, they are the most destructive wildlife species in North America that account for billions of dollars in agricultural damage. And, we know it's true because we detect their presence on camera. 

There are many reasons to use a motion-activated trail camera for deer management. For starters, deer cameras confirm that deer are the wildlife species ruining gardens. The camera will also show when they come during the day; how long they stay; and what side of the garden they are coming from. This is why gardeners need to install a trail camera near gardens to detect deer movement and feeding habits. 

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