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Why Use Snow Fence For Road Safety?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Jan 2018

2016 was the deadliest year for road accidents in the United States with a death toll of 40,000 Americans. This number rose 5 percent from 2015 and is expected to increase again in 2018 if road safety personnel don't do anything about it. 

There are a number of reasons for the cause of road accidents including: speeding, drunk driving, text messaging, snow, rain - but there haven't been many solutions for road accidents. 

Of course, we can't change Mother Nature; and if it snows, then all we can do is drive carefully - free from distractions. For Department of Transportation and highway safety personnel, they should consider installing snow barrier fencing along sides of major roads. 

Snow barrier fence create turbulence and move snow to a desired area away from a road or building. Snow fence are an economical way to improve winter safety and reduce the number of road accidents. They are also easy to install and can reduce the cost of snow removal. With traditional bright orange coloring, this type of construction fence is easy to see, as an added perk - however, it must be placed in an appropriate spot along the road or it'll be ineffective. 

For road safety teams, it's important to know the areas with the highest level of snow drifts to help figure out where to position the snow fencing. As a general rule "a snow fence should be installed at a distance of 35 times its height from the edge of the road." (IA State)

Installing a snow guard fence along major roadways is the best method for road safety during the winter season.

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