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5 Common Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Shelby Carlson on 28th Feb 2023

Homesteaders who are troubled by intrusions by deer need an effective solution. DeerBusters is here to provide you with that solution: a deer exclusion fence that will protect your yard and garden from being the next stop on the free deer food buffet. Thankfully, DeerBusters makes it easy to set up your next deer fence with a DIY installation to save you time and money.

However, it’s important to be aware of some possible mistakes that you could make while installing our deer fence system. We got them covered in this blog post along with tips to avoid them. Read on to learn how!

#5 Mistake: Not driving ground sleeves into the ground enough.

Ground sleeves are an important component in the installation of deer fencing systems. They are essentially metal tubes that are placed into the ground to provide a secure and stable foundation for the fence posts. However, most people make the mistake of creating holes in the ground that not deep enough to keep the fence posts stable for long. If the fence is not buried deeply enough, it may not provide adequate support and may be susceptible to damage from deer or other wildlife.

Ground sleeves should be as flush with the ground as possible. If you're having trouble with hard or rocky soil you may need an earth auger or a digging bar to start a pilot hole for the ground sleeves. We recommend you bore a hole that is 30 to 36 inches deep so that the ground sleeves stand firm and ensure that your post is even and plumb with the ground.

#4 Mistake: Picking the wrong material for your needs

The material of your deer fence is the most important decision to make even before you order! This allows your fence to serve its ultimate purpose—providing protection of your garden and yard. Deer fencing systems can be made of a variety of materials, ranging from plastic and metal to wood and electric. However, most people tend to overlook their needs while choosing the material of their deer fencing system. This often leads them to make a wasteful investment that they regret.

Ideally, you should thoroughly evaluate your unique situation before choosing any material. Do you have one or two deer that wander in your yard once a week? Then our plastic polypropylene fencing will work great! They are an easy-to-install, low-maintenance option that are resistant to fading, rot, and decay. If you have heavy deer pressure with large roaming groups of deer, metal fencing is the going to be the best solution owing to their strength, durability, and resistance.

# 3 Mistake: Not dry fitting all components

Dry fitting refers to the process of laying out and assembling the components of the fence without using any permanent fasteners or connections. This allows you to verify the fit of the components and make any necessary adjustments before installing the fence permanently. But skipping this step is one of the most troublesome deer fence installation mistakes you can make. With dry fitting, you will have to do copious amount of re-work to fix any issue that crops up after fixing the fence permanently.

To dry fit a deer fencing system, you will need to lay out each of the components, verifying nothing is missing. After that, connecting components together should be down using temporary fasteners, or loosely secured to allow for adjustment. It is important to verify the fit of the components and ensure that the fence is level and square before installation. Once the dry fit is complete and any necessary adjustments have been made, the components can be prepared for permanent installation.

# 2 Mistake: Incorrectly installing the fence mesh

The fence mesh is one of the most important components of the fencing system to keep deer and other wild animals out of your homestead. It is typically made of a flexible, yet sturdy, material such as plastic or metal, and is woven into a grid-like pattern. Incorrect installation can result in a unlevelled or crooked fence that detracts from the overall appearance of the fencing system and the surrounding landscape. Also, if the mesh is not properly tensioned and secured to the posts, it can sag or loosen over time, thereby making it easier for deer to breach the fence.

To avoid these problems, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and best practices for installing the mesh deer fence, and to properly tension and secure the mesh to the posts. Generally, the best rule of thumb for install the fence mesh is to think about what you want your fence to accomplish. If you're trying to keep things in, you want the mesh on the inside of the fence line. If you're trying to keep things out, you want the mesh on the outside of the fence.

#1 Mistake: Double check your measurements

Setting up a deer fence involves time and money. From ensuring you are buying the right type and quantity of material to checking the gap between gate posts, there’s a lot to do! As such, you need to make sure your measurements are spot on. Dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s while installing a deer fence is all about precision—something that can be easily overlooked if you’re not careful.

The key lies in measuring twice, installing once. The length of the fence line, the spacing of the posts, and where gates are located, etc. are key measurements you will need. Once you have these measurements, you can use them to determine the amount of fencing material, as well as the number and spacing of the posts.


DIY fencing installation mistakes are common, but it’s always best to be aware to avoid expensive, time-consuming double-work later. To avoid making mistakes, you should plan your fencing installation project properly. Carefully read and follow the instructions provided, and make sure you understand the recommended installation procedures and materials.

Are you looking for assistance? You can utilize DeerBusters’ customer support chat or give us a call to answer any and all installation questions.

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