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Best Fence For Backyard Chickens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Aug 2018

Like any other animal, chickens are not meant to be cooped-up all day. They need a large area to walk and not be on top of other chicks. Many backyard poultry owners may or may not know that free-roaming chickens produce better-tasting eggs (fluffier!) and have happier chickens. 

With owning backyard chickens comes challenges, such as how to protect chickens in the yard and keep them safe from external predatory animals. There are many fence types on the market; but not all are recommended for chickens. 

Chickens, turkeys, and other types of poultry all chew; so, it wouldn't make much sense to keep them enclosed around a plastic fence. Often, backyard chicken owners will buy hexagonal steel fences; and while this is the best type of fence for chickens, it should have a PVC-coating around the fence to protect the metal material from chew marks caused by chickens or outside predators. The PVC adds a secondary layer for weather-resistance, as well. 

Metal fences with PVC-coating are the way to go to protect chickens from foxes, coyotes and other predatory wildlife that may try to harm the flock. Foxes and coyotes cannot jump over 5-6 feet; so, this is a good height for a chicken fence. PVC metal chicken fences are chew-proof and will last up to 30 years outside. 

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