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Best Fence For Bear Deterrence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Oct 2019

Homeowners are used to seeing deer on properties; but they are seeing new faces that they'd rather not see. 

Bears are found most on home sites as they scout for food. They put on weight during the fall months to prepare for winter hibernation. This means that they scope-out lawns and gardens for veggies in an attempt to put on at least 90 pounds each day.

To rid bears from landscapes, homeowners must install electric fencing around home gardens to protect their vegetable gardens. Plastic fencing is too lightweight, and some types of metal will easily bend over, thanks to the strength of bears. 

Electric bear nets are the best method for bear deterrence and can easily drape over crops. After one or two zaps, the bears will run away from the premises. 

Note: Electric nets do not cause long-term effects.

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