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Best Fence For Virtual Invisibility?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Apr 2020

When it comes to deer fencing on yards, customers want a structure that will look nice on home properties while being effective for deer control on lawns and gardens. Of course, they will want to make it look good for the folks next door, too. When deciding on yard fencing, homeowners may ask which type of deer fence is best for virtual invisibility. Here's the answer.

The black mesh color on all of the deer fencing holds the power. The color black tricks the eye and becomes virtually invisible from at least 20 feet away. The Steel Hex Web Fence, a bestselling metal deer fence, is best known for its virtual invisibility due to its hexagonal shape. However, plastic deer fencing, made from small square-shaped holes, will also blend in nicely with surroundings. And, as far as aesthetics go, weld wire fence is a winner among customers - but this type of steel fence will be seen more noticeably than other deer fence. 

When it comes to virtual invisibility, one cannot go wrong with a black deer fence.

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