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Best Posts For Woven Wire Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Jan 2020

When thinking about buying heavy duty deer fence, or even livestock fence, farmers and property owners alike choose to install woven wire fence. Woven wire fence, also known as Fixed Knot Fence or Solid Lock Fence, is the strongest type of metal deer fence on the market and is suitable for securing cattle, sheep, pigs and other livestock animals. While heavy duty line posts are often used for deer fencing, these types of fence posts are not recommended for woven wire fencing. Instead, installers need fence posts that are much stronger: T-posts.

T-posts are Class III galvanized or painted green. They are easy to install and recommended for all types of agriculture fencing. Features of t-posts include:

  • High strength rail steel
  • High gloss baked enamel green paint
  • High visibility top
  • 10’ Length
  • 1.33 lb per foot
  • Studs on T post help to hold fencing against the post
  • Large bottom anchor plate provides greater stability and holding power

T-Posts are durable and are best used in areas with less corrosive environments. 

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