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Best Rodent Barrier Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Jun 2020

Home gardeners choose to install deer fencing to block white-tailed deer from gardens; but what happens when the main culprit of agriculture damage isn't the deer? There are many options for rodent barrier fences that should be considered. Here are a few favorites:

Poly Deer Fence With Rodent Protection Barrier

This fence kit is a top choice for homeowners that want to block deer from the top but also rabbits and groundhogs at the bottom level. The fence kit, available in 7.5' or 8' heights, comes with one roll of plastic deer fence for deer management and a roll of steel hex web to block small critters. 

Steel Hex Web Fence

Steel Hex Fence is the most recommended fence type for critter control in gardens. This hexagonal fence with PVC contains 1" x 1" mesh holes to block critters, including bunnies. Rabbits and other nuisance critters will find it difficult to chew through the PVC and 20 gauge steel core.

Welded Wire Fence

The 19 gauge welded wire is another great choice for critter control, as it also contains 1" x 1" mesh holes to block smaller wild animals. This type of fence is slightly stronger than the Steel Hex Web and is square-shaped. The 14 gauge welded wire contains different size mesh holes that bunnies and other critters may wiggle through easier than the 19 gauge weld wire fencing. 

Fixed Knot Fence

This solid lock fence is best used for livestock management and deer control on landscapes; however, the small spacing at the bottom makes it suitable as a rodent barrier. Fixed Knot Fence is the strongest type of metal fence on the market but comes with a price to secure landscapes from wildlife damage. 

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