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Best Types Of Fence Posts

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Apr 2020

There are many types of fence posts on the market for fence installation; and homeowners may be asking which type of fence post is better than another. Here are the top types of fence posts to consider when installing garden fence:

Heavy duty line posts: These are the most common type of fence post for deer fence or pet fence. HD Line posts easily slide into ground sleeves to create a stable looking fence. They are black in color to maintain the overall appearance of the fence system and are available for 1 5/8" posts and 1 3/8" posts.

Angled Steel Posts: These are another type of fence post used for deer fence installation. Angle steel fence posts are best used in wooded areas where aesthetic value isn't required or for temporary fencing enclosures. Each post has pre-drilled holes so our heavy duty ties can be used to attach the deer fencing to the angle steel fence post.

Wooden Posts: This type of fence post offers garden fences a more glamorous look. They are a bit heavier to install than a traditional fence post; however, they are beautiful in gardens, adding both charm and class. The downside of wood fence posts are that they eventually splinter and are more expensive than other types of fence posts. They also will not match the color of the fence mesh (black) which my or may not be of interest to the homeowner.

Trees: Homeowners with trees on their properties choose to use them as fence posts by easily stapling the fence mesh to the tree. Trees are sturdy enough to hold fence mesh in place and are great use of natural resources.

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