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Brunswick, OH Considers Ban On Feeding Deer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Sep 2018

The city of Brunswick, OH is considering a ban on feeding deer and other wildlife. 

"If passed, it would prohibit setting out food on public property or within 150 feet of any adjacent property line. Animals mentioned include ducks, raccoons, and stray dogs and cats. The ordinance specifically said no salt licks for white-tail deer." (Fox 8 Cleveland)

There is a major deer problem in Ohio, as in other parts of the United States. Deer are not only nuisance wild animals for gardeners that walk onto properties to eat plants, but they are a health hazard as they spread both Chronic Wasting Disease to cervid species and tick diseases to all types of animals including humans. 

While we do not want to see deer harmed in any way, we do encourage homeowners to build deer fence and keep deer and other wildlife away from family members and pets. 

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