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Bust Your Pests: Rabbits and Raccoons

Bust Your Pests: Rabbits and Raccoons

Posted by Shelby Carlson on 28th Apr 2023

It might feel like something of a furry whirlwind in your backyard right now. You're noticing lots of mess in your garden, and you're thinking, rabbits and raccoons.

You've had it up to here with the indignity of it all. But how can you keep rabbits and raccoons away from your property?

We have a few suggestions for wildlife control, which we'll lay out below. Welcome back to the second post in our blog series: Bust Your Pests!

Identify Unwanted Wildlife Entry Points

To keep rabbits and raccoons out of garden spaces, the first step is to identify potential unwanted wildlife entry points. These may include open or small areas under or around fences that have not been properly sealed.

Deerbusters can help secure those rabbit and raccoon vulnerabilities with our selection of rodent barriers. Attach directly to your Deerbusters’ fence or existing fence and flare out the bottom. If necessary, you can also trench the fencing to prevent rabbits from burrowing under the fence line.

Any low-lying shrubs and vegetation should be trimmed away from the fence line to reduce cover and access points.

Construct Deterrent Structures and Remove Attractants

Use fine-mesh chicken wire over flower beds and other plants to make a tunnel. You can also add motion-activated sprinklers to create a gentle stream of water to deter rabbits and raccoons.

Raccoons are usually attracted to yards and gardens due to appetizing smells not only coming from your fruits and vegetables but also your trash. Make sure to secure the lids of all waste bins or remove any appealing attractants from your garden area so raccoons won’t make a drive-by snacking attempt.

Utilize Repellent Products

Several repellent products on the market can help keep rabbits and raccoons out of gardens. You can apply yard and garden sprays to foliage and garden beds, as well as any other areas of the garden that animals may try to access. These products contain natural oils and scents that deter rabbits and raccoons.

You can also scatter granular repellent products around the perimeter of the garden and re-applied every two weeks. These products contain small amounts of predator urine that rabbits and raccoons find offensive.

Or you can install sonic and ultrasonic repellents around the garden. These repellents send sound waves and ultra-sounds that drive away rabbits and raccoons.

You can also use homemade repellents from deodorant soaps for rabbits.

Plant Flowers

Though animals cannot resist vegetables, fragrant garden plants will discourage them from entering. So, you can plant rabbit and raccoon-deterring flowers like marigolds or herbs like lavender. Not to mention that planting flowers around the perimeter of the garden space can also be an effective form of natural fencing.

Make Humane Traps

Humane traps are a great way to keep rabbits and raccoons out of garden spaces. This is a form of pest control that will not cause any harm to the animals.

The first step is to choose a large enough trap for the animals. Bait the trap with food such as apples and carrots to draw the rabbits and raccoons. Place the traps in areas where rabbits and raccoons are most active.

Once you capture a rabbit or raccoon, it is important to relocate them humanely as soon as possible. You should not create a dependence on available food sources.

When done correctly, humane traps are an effective way to keep rabbits and raccoons out of garden spaces.

Try These Wildlife Control Tips Now!

Keeping rabbits and raccoons out of garden spaces is a tricky but doable endeavor. You just need to follow the wildlife control tips we've listed above and you can keep your garden intact.

Don't let your garden go unprotected. Let Deerbuster help protect your garden today!

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