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Caring For Adopted Rabbits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Jul 2018

Bunnies are adorable, with their fluffy tails and big floppy ears. They can live from five years to 15 years indoors and there are over 60 rabbit breeds to choose from. For all of these reasons and more, July is Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month.

While rabbits enjoy being in the air conditioned house, they can stay outside for some time - and it's better that way. Rabbits are natural chewers; and they will cut into anything they get in contact with including furniture, rugs and wire cords.

But, don't let this discourage you from adopting a rabbit. Rabbits have great qualities including being good around kids and other pets as well as litter-trained.

For rabbit protection outdoors, and outside playtime, consider fencing in rabbits using a metal fence with PVC-coating. This type of fence is strong enough to contain dogs that chew and dig; and is the most effective fence type for rabbits.

Check with animal rescues to see if they have rabbits for adoption this July.

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