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Cats Need Exercise, Too.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Dec 2018

Like dogs, cats need time outside to play with other animals; breathe in fresh air; and move their stiff joints. Let's face it, after being inside, they must be thrilled to be outside!

The elements of winter will dictate how long cats can stay outside. On a warm day, cats can be out for up to 30 minutes in the fenced-in backyard; however with the snow, cat owners may decide to only allow cats outside for up to 15-20 minutes.

Cat exercises outside can be fun for both kitty and pet owner. Here are fun cat exercise activities that can be done year-round. 

  • Provide a scratching board for cats to work their arms;
  • Roll a ball or yarn; and watch them chase after it;
  • Move a laser pointer around the yard; and watch cats run after the light.
  • Build or buy cat towers and have cats leap from one level to the next.

Try these cat fitness activities; and watch the pounds melt off cats!

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