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Celebrate Earth Day From Home!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Apr 2020

COVID-19 has grounded the majority of the country; and because of this, we cannot celebrate Earth Day in groups picking up trash and planting flowers in community gardens. However, there are tons of ways to get involved during Earth Day 2020 from the convenience of your own house. Here's how to get involved this Earth Day:

Let's talk trash: Okay, maybe parks and recs, and even police officers, will let you pick up trash along the side of the road. After all, it can be a individual activity...nevertheless, trash needs to be disposed of properly. Please make sure to not throw trash onto people's yards (a.k.a. soda and beer cans) when taking walks outside during isolation and place empty bottles in trash cans. As for plastics, cut them; so birds do not get trapped.

Spread the word about environmental protection: This is a good time to educate others about the importance of the environment; climate change; and how to protect wild animals. Have Zoom sessions with friends and family to discuss ways to better the Earth. The natural world is beautiful, let's keep it that way! Don't believe us? Check out the water in Venice, Italy now or the clear skies in India during the Coronavirus. 

Start a home garden: What better way to show the Earth you care than to use its soil to plant flowerbeds and grow fruits and veggies at home. Starting a backyard garden is fun for the whole family and can be done throughout the year. Just watch out for hungry deer. You may need to take care of the situation - humanely, of course. 

Contribute to zoos: Wildlife need love and support; and since we can't visit them at local and national zoos right now, we can contribute funds to help care for them. Contact a zoo in your area to see how you can donate funds.

Go green with pets: As DeerbustersCanada states, dogs and cats need exercise to stay lean; but they also need fresh air. Get them outside in the fenced-in yard. This is where they can go run and play with other animals; while moving about. Re-use milk containers or cereal boxes for them to chase and tear up - easy DIY pet toys!

Earth Day may be one designated year; but it should be taken seriously every day of the year. 

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