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Deer Diet In Autumn

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Sep 2019

Like people, deer love to eat; and now that it is officially the fall gardening season, whitetails have eyes on cool weather crops to indulge. In the summertime, they had their fix of fruits from home orchards and fruit gardens; but now, they want more veggies in their systems. That's why vegetable gardeners will want to watch out for deer this fall as they plant legumes, squash, peas and more. 

It's not that deer are hungrier in fall than other seasons, it's just that they know that in wintertime, they will be left with hardly any natural resources to eat. They want better tasting foods before eating twigs and leaves for months. (Can you really blame them for thinking this way? Neither can we.)

To protect cool weather plants from home gardens in autumn, gardeners will want to work on deer management tactics to rid deer from lawns and gardens including deer fence installation and planting deer-resistant flowers or plants that deer like to eat away from the plants gardeners wish to keep such as corn and soybeans.

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