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Deer Fence In HOA Community

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th May 2020

Some customers reach out to Deerbusters for advice on which deer fence to buy for a home that is within an HOA community. Homeowners living in a house dictated by Home Owner Association rules may be unclear whether or not a deer fence will be acceptable in their community. Here's why one shouldn't worry. 

Some HOA's are pickier than others; but more often than not, a deer fence can be between 4- 6 feet tall to satisfy fence requirements on properties. While this height is generally lower than the recommended height for a traditional deer fence, the height can be used as an effective deer deterrent to keep out light deer pressure; coyotes; and other small critters. Furthermore, the black color on deer fences is generally not an issue and is liked by most HOA community officers as it blends in with the surroundings. This helps to ensure that both homeowner and neighbor are happy with the fencing. 

Before buying deer fence, it's best to check in with community guidelines to learn the best fence materials to use and height requirements.

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