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Deer With Three Antlers Spotted

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Nov 2019

MARQUETTE, MI - 'Tis the season when deer hunters everywhere are looking for the perfect shot - and the perfect antler rack to display.

But former state lawmaker Steve Lindberg might just have beat all their big buck stories. He took a picture of a rare, three-antlered deer, according to the Associated Press.

See below for the photos Lindberg posted to his Facebook page. The retired lawmaker, who lives in Marquette, posts some gorgeous nature shots on his social media page.

The photogenic buck is turned toward the camera, standing in the snow with the three separate antlers clearly visible.

“Five days before rifle season for Whitetail Deer and look who I get to see, along with his girlfriend,” Lindberg wrote in the Sunday post. “A three antlered, nine or twelve point buck (depending if you want to count the two little tines on the right antler, and the small tine on the left antler). I don’t recall ever seeing a three antlered deer before.”

Veterinarian Steve Edwards of Lakeview said something may have happened to the buck before birth, when it was still an embryo, that caused the abnormality, the AP said. Edwards said while the deer appears healthy, he told the Detroit Free Press its triple-stem rack is likely a “one-in-a-million thing.”

Firearm deer hunting season starts Friday.

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