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Deerbusters Announces 5' Welded Wire Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Jun 2020

New Product Announcement From Deerbusters!

Welded Wire Fence is one of the most used fence types by gardeners for different applications. Not only is it used for deer management around home gardens but this type of fence can meet pool code in several states. In May 2020, Deerbusters was proud to introduce a 7' welded wire fence roll into the collection; and now, a 5' welded wire fence!

Welded Wire Fence begins as a 14 gauge wire fence; then turns to a 12 gauge after PVC-coating. The completed look is a 5' x 100' 12 gauge PVC-coated garden fence. This type of fence is ideal for keeping out deer, coyotes, wolves and foxes. It will look great on landscapes and last at least 20 years outside!

Learn more about the 5' x 100' Welded Wire-14 ga. galvanized steel core; 12 ga after Black PVC-Coating, 2" x 2" Mesh on

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