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Deerbusters Introduces Multi-Purpose Fencing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Jul 2019

Need a fence that can cover a variety of application? Then, check out Multi-Purpose Fencing from complete with a reinforced bottom edge.


  • Lightweight perimeter fence- Suitable for small garden plots and small residential areas
  • Heavy Bird Netting- Drape over plants, bushes, and fruit trees
  • Small mesh keeps out smaller animals
  • Pond protection- Keep out leaves and debris
  • Reduces opening sizes on automatic gates to make them compliant with new regulations
  • Fill in gaps in existing fences and balconies- Gray color blends well with existing chain link and other metal fencing

Trident Multi-purpose fencing can be used in a wide variety of ways around your home and garden. The 1” x 1” mesh size will keep out smaller animals while providing the same strength across the fence as our Heavy Duty fencing.

LONG LASTING: The Multi-Purpose fencing is UV stabilized for long useful life, lasting between 10-15 years in most areas of the country. This fencing is stable in hot, cold and windy locations.

EFFECTIVE: Features a reinforced bottom to aid in the staking of the fence material to the ground, stopping deer and other animals in their tracks at the most likely point of entry on a fence. Animals trying to get into your yard or garden will be prevented by the height of the fencing. Deer and animals find the height of the fence and the mesh size confusing, stopping them before they run full force into the fence.


The no-dig ground sleeve system can be used with the Multi-Purpose fencing to make installation fast, easy and safe. The ease of installation allows most homeowners install the system themselves avoiding high installation and maintenance costs of more complicated traditional fence systems.


Trident polypropylene material has increased tensile strength created by stretching the fence in two directions. As a result, the fencing is strong while still being light and movable. This advantage means our mesh is simple to install and cost effective.

Multi-purpose fencing is only available in a 6' foot height at this time. Colors: Black or Grey.

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