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Deer-Proof Peach Trees

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Jul 2018

Once the temperatures rise, it's time to eat summertime favorites, such as peaches. Because August will soon be National Peach Month, peach growers need to know how to protect peach trees. Here are tactics to implement now to keep deer away from peaches. 


Deer will jump to reach fruit trees; and it's best to use deer fencing around fruit gardens to deter them from trying. Deer fencing should be at least 7.5' feet tall to prevent fruit damage. While electric fence can be used as a secondary barrier, chances are, the deer can jump over the fence to reach crops. Try using plastic deer fence and/or metal deer fence.

Tree Guards

When growing trees the first few years, wrapping trees with tree guards is okay. Tree guards provide basic protection around fruit trees and will stop deer from rubbing antlers on tree bark. 

Deer Repellents

Deer repellents containing ammonium, blood meal, garlic and hot pepper will keep deer away. Sprinkle deer repellent on the ground at least 20-30 feet apart and re-apply after heavy rain and snow.

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