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Determining Which Deer Fence To Buy

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th May 2019

We hear it all the time: "I have a deer and rabbit problem." Or "No, it's just a deer problem." So, which type of fence is best to buy for deer management? The answer depends on the experiences of each unique homeowner. Here's what you need to know about deer fencing. 

Plastic Deer Fencing

Let's be real. Plastic fencing is great to have for deer control, but it isn't strong enough to take on multiple chew marks. For nosy deer, this type of fence material is best to use as it creates a strong deer-proof barrier; however, for growers that have a chewing animal problem, this fence material will quickly become brittle. 

Metal Deer Fencing

Metal deer fencing is stronger than plastic fencing because 1) It is made from galvanized steel; and 2) It includes PVC coating as a secondary layer of problem. This type of fencing is not necessary for "just a deer problem"; so, go ahead and save the money. However, for growers that have garden damage from rabbits, coyotes, foxes, wolves and deer, then we're talking a metal fence. With that being said, don't use metal fencing for bear deterrence because it will not be strong enough to stop entry from Pooh Bear.

Deerbusters is here to help alleviate the confusion from potential customers. Call Deerbusters with questions on deer fencing at 888-422-3337

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