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Difference Between Fence Corners and Ends

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th May 2020

One of the most confusing components of deer fence systems are the corner and end systems. Prospective customers approach DeerbustersCanada often asking "Do I really need fence corners and ends...and what exactly are they, anyway?" We are here to provide the answer.

Fence ends are recommended for installation when the fence will approach a wall, structure or end of the property. Fence ends offer one brace post that will provide strength and stability at the "end" of the area.

Fence corners, on the other hand, are recommended for fence systems longer than 100' in length. Fence corners contain two brace posts, giving off a three sided look, for added stability and can be used at mid-points on the fence system or on "corners" of a square shaped system.

The brace posts used for fence corner and end installation are much thicker than the traditional line posts and will offer more support for the fence system as a whole. Fence corners and ends are always suggested for added strength; however, fence buyers can choose to install fence corners and ends at a later date, if desired.

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