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DNR Urge Homeowners "Leave Fawns Alone."

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st May 2019

Homeowners across the nation are seeing new additions on their yard: brown-eyed spotted baby deer. While fawns may seem alone at times, or orphaned, DNR personnel are urging homeowners not to touch the whitetails.

Fawns are not hurt. They were not abandoned by doe. Rather, female deer leave their young to scout for food and bring it back to them. Doe place fawns hidden away from homeowners and predatory animals such as bears, coyotes, wolves and foxes while they go out to find resources for their young. 

Homeowners that see baby fawn can take pictures from afar but should leave the wildlife alone during deer birthing season - going on in late spring. If unsure, contact wildlife rehabilitators or DNR officials.

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