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Do Deer Repellents Work?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Jan 2020

When looking at different methods for deer deterrence, a popular choice is to buy deer repellents; however, we are on the fence about them. Do they work for keeping deer away from gardens or don't they? Here is what we know.

Deer repellents are inexpensive; and as such, they become popular choices for homeowners that do not wish to blow tons of money on deer management tools. Repellents are easy to use (simply applying the granular or liquid formula to grounds) but they do require a bit of maintenance. The maintenance work is due to rainfall in the fall; snow in the winter; and excessive heat in the hot spring and summer months that leads to a decrease in scent (which leads to deer movement in gardens). The repellent could last 30 days or it could last a few months. It depends on climate changes.

If gardeners wish to use deer repellents, it is suggested that they are applied as a secondary means for deer control around a deer fence. Deer fencing is relatively maintenance free after installation; and having deer repellents, including predator animal pee in grasses will keep deer at bay when they believe coyotes and wolves are near.

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