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Drivers Risk Hitting Deer During Mating Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Oct 2018

If you read the Deerbusters blog regularly, you know that bucks shed the dried velvet from their antlers against trees in September and October in order to prepare for the rut season. Now that mating season has begun, drivers will see an influx of deer on the side of roads; and this is when they risk hitting deer. (And, November is when drivers risk hitting the most deer along roadways.)

In Virginia, the average damage claim for hitting a deer is $4000 and there are approximately 850,000 deer in the state of Virginia. That's a lot of money; and even more opportunities to hit deer. 

Most of the damage is not caused by hitting deer, but from swerving away to avoid hitting the wildlife. Experts suggest slowing down upon impact and hitting the deer, if necessary. This is for your safety and those riding with you. 

Department of Transportation folks need to step up their game and increase security on the roads by installing deer-proof fence. This small safety measure can save lives.

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